1. Flip

From the recording Flip



 They don't call me don for nothing

Let me start off with my conversation

Communication is the only way we can leave behind our hesitation.

You got me stressing and you got me asking for attention.

Come get with me and I will show you what is true passion.

Baby are you down, let me show you how I can make my guitar sound.

I'm activated by the moves you're making.

Baby when you're dancing, every part of me on excitation.

Like an obsession think of you having all kind of visions.

See it's all in my mind, so every time I look behind your smile,

I think of you as if you were mine.

I'm not getting but wanting, I'm not touching but wishing.

Straight thugging addiction, I wanna get what I'm dreaming.

Why don't you stop with your cell phone ringing bling bling.

You owe me something, for the love you're getting.

Even if you're married, as long as you're good looking,

Stay in line, come feel the vibe.


Eh yo Flip Flop fè back, Christoffer en attack.

Mwen fèk sot fè yon spak, brother ou better fè back.   X 2


Yo, je vais vous dire des choses,

Tout d'abord verser à boire.

Je ne devrais pas mais j'ause. 

Mon coeur se plaint de votre gloire.