From the very first time

I looked into your eyes

I saw the sign

I saw a light

That came and brighten my life

So, why don't you come along with me

And I will show you destiny

Coz that's the way it's supposed to be

You and me were meant to be

Why don't you start by giving me a chance

Turn off the lights, I'll play guitar, you'll dance

And I will never let you go

You've been the sweetest thing I know



Have to see you with another guy

I'd rather be blind

For the rest of my life


Everyday, and every night

And every time I close my eyes

It's your face

That I see in front of me

So, walk my way

Stay on my sight

You make me high

And just like the trees need seeds to grow

I need you in my life to go

I want to be with you eternally

Coz you are the one for me



Have to see you with another guy 

I'd rather be blind 

For the rest of my life