ELIACCI is an artist and songwriter with a focus on creating innovative and personal songs. His music truly takes the audience on a journey, and so does the diverse range of his creativity. Sonically, this artist is inspired by genres as diverse as Afro-Beat, World Music, and other styles, but there are no rules here, so his music often touches on different ideas and influences, going wherever it is that he finds some inspiration! As a self-taught musician, the artist develop a really unique approach, hearing the music in his mind and finding a genuine connection between sounds, and nature as a whole. Growing up in Haiti, but currently based in Chicago, he had the opportunity to explore this amazing connection even further on a global scale. 

The artist has been busy in the studio lately, and he is just out with a stunning new single titled “If I”. 

The song will lure you in right away with its amazing introduction, and it will later evolve into a punchy, well-produced arrangement with a lot of nuances. The cherry on top is definitely ELIACCI’s performance. He excels at giving the audience a special experience! 

Enter his world...